Predicting a full stat line for Kirk Cousins ​​in the 2022 NFL season

The Minnesota Vikings are entering a new era with Kevin O’Connell as head coach. What kind of production can we expect from Kirk Cousins ​​in 2022?

Kirk Cousins ​​is a very effective quarterback. He has the 7th highest passer rating of all time and has three straight seasons with a 100+ passer rating.

He’s averaged over 30 touchdowns a season for the Minnesota Vikings since joining in 2018 and would surely benefit from an offensive-minded head coach in Kevin O’Connell.

The Vikings’ offense during the Cousins ​​era was never the problem, rather it was their defense as the main problem due to the team’s lack of success over the past two seasons.

But, with an offensive-minded head coach now in place, the Vikings are following the plan that the most successful teams have put in place.

A descendant of Sean McVay, O’Connell is a respected offensive figure.

I want to see what kind of production we could reasonably expect from Kirk Cousins ​​in 2022 with Kevin O’Connell now at the helm.

The first thing I want to do is look at the three seasons the KOC served as offensive coordinator, for Washington in 2019 and for the Rams from 2020-21.

In 2019, the first year he was OC, his offense threw the ball 29.9 times per game.

In 2020, the Rams threw the ball 35.7 times per game, and in 2021, the Rams threw the ball 35.7 times per game.

If we average those numbers, we get 33.76 or 34, which means we can reasonably expect a Kevin O’Connell offense to kick the ball around 34 times per game.

Kirk Cousins ​​has a career completion percentage of 66.9%, so we’ll leave that the same.

If we take 66.9% of 34, we get 22.74, or 23 completions.

That means I think Kirk Cousins ​​will average a 23/34 passing line per game in 2022.

If we multiply that over 17 games, we would get 391/578.

The next thing to do is find how many yards Kirk Cousins ​​has gained per completion.

To do this, we would take his career total of 32,593 yards and divide it by his carryings, which is 2,825. 11.54 yards.

If we take that number and multiply it by 23 completions per game in 2022, we’ll get 265.42, or 265 yards per game in 2022.

Over a 17-game season, that’s 4,512 yards. Kirk Cousins ​​threw for 4,000 yards six times in his career.

So far, I predict Kirk Cousins ​​to complete 391/578 passes for 4,512 yards.

Now let’s move on to touchdowns and interceptions, which are calculated the same way.

Kirk Cousins ​​has a 5.3% touchdown rate, which means 5.3% of his pass attempts go for touchdowns.

If we predict he will throw 578 passes in 2022, 5.3% of that is 30.63, or 31 touchdown passes.

He has a career interception rate of 2.2% pass attempts. 2.2% of 578 is 12.71, or 13 interceptions.

So if we put it all together, I predict Kirk Cousins ​​will complete 391/578 passes for 4,512 yards, 30 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 2022.

That would be a 98.9 passer rating, just above his career passer rating of 98.6.

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