quietly rediscovered | Minnesota Vikings History Part IV

In 1981, the Minnesota Vikings played their final season at the old Met. Gone were the days of watching the Purple in the freezing cold, but something was lost when they moved inside. The Metrodome amplified the noise of the crowd, but they were no longer the ruthless team built in Bud Grant’s image.

Luke Braun describes the Vikings’ growing pains in Part IV of his documentary on the history of the Minnesota Vikings. It details the team’s problems after the grant, which culminated in the ill-fated trade of Herschel Walker. There were still stars around this time, including Joey Browner, Steve Jordan and Ahmad Rashad, who kept the team relevant. They just weren’t what they once were.

Braun bridges the gap between Grant and the Randy Moss Vikings in his latest installment.

Here is Luke:

In Game 4, the hangover the Vikings suffered after their four Super Bowl losses lasted a decade. The Vikings moved into the city, settled in, and took their time to figure out exactly what it meant to them. It takes a lot to turn an eternal competitor into a helpless middle dweller, and, well, it was a lot indeed. The Herschel Walker trade, Les Steckel debacle and multiple strikes totally derailed the Vikings’ momentum. Let’s detail the pain.

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