Raiders Stats: Week 12 vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Las Vegas Raiders won an overtime victory over the Dallas Cowboys last Thursday with a rebounding performance from the offense. The Raiders are back in the playoff race with a hot Washington football team arriving in town this Sunday.

Let’s take a look at the stats that stood out in week 12.

The Raiders move the ball with explosive games.

The Raiders in that game were 3-13 on the third down and ended up scoring five field goals. They finished the day with a 40% attack success rate, which is their worst since Week 4 against the LA Chargers. They stole this victory from the Cowboys by the number of explosive plays in the air.

The Raiders added six more big plays from 20 yards or more. They made two 50-yard plays that day, including a touchdown against DeSean Jackson. Those games helped the Raiders reach a total of 58 for the season. Now they’re tied for the most 12 weeks since 1991.

Derek Carr has the record for most passes completed on 20 yards in the air at 29 to 12 weeks. He is set to break the record set by Jameis Winston in 2019 with 40, using Sports Radar. The Raiders’ offensive line needs to appear in the home stretch for the Raiders to become a classic offense in the NFL.

The Raiders are back to playing.

With the offense in a massive collapse, the Raiders’ playing action was powerful. Before the game against the Cowboys, they were fake players to defeat the defenses. They took it to another level on Thanksgiving to achieve a massive victory.

Carr on the day was 8/13 on playing action with 180 passing yards and a 107.1 passer rating. According to Sports Radar, they used 31% of gaming action last Thursday, which is the highest of the year. The playing action added four big 20-yard plays and helped the Raiders move the football when they struggled.

The offense decided to follow what was working and scored 36 points when it struggled to move the football. It’s crazy how it works, but they can’t be stubborn and walk away from Strategy.

Casey Heyward has his worst game of the season.

The cornerstone of the high school all season is free agent Casey Heyward. He was one of the free agency thieves for the Raiders, who came and had a huge impact on the success of the Raiders. The Cowboys game ended differently for the former professional bowler with his worst game of the season.

Heyward received five targets that day, but ended up giving up five receptions on those targets using PFF metrics. He allowed 105 yards that day, the first time he allowed such a large amount all season. While some great shots from Dak Prescott have beaten him on cover, you still want to see better from your best corner.

Starter Trayvon Mullen should be back soon and will help, especially if Heyward starts to slow down. I don’t expect that to happen, but it’s a possibility with an older player late in the season. Hopefully it was just a crease in the armor.

Brandon Parker’s long day

The Raiders’ right tackle position has been an issue throughout the season for the Raiders. They moved on to Brandon Parker in Week 5 in hopes of instilling confidence in a struggling offensive line. That hasn’t been the case with Parker continuing to prove he’s not an NFL starter.

Using my cards, Brandon Parker gave up nine presses on the day and one bag. If you like PFF, their metrics had it with seven taps. Micah Parsons abused him for most of the game, putting constant pressure on Carr and disrupting games. The sack in overtime nearly lost them the game, placing the offense in third and 18th.

Parker is a handicap at this point when it comes to the right tackling position. He hasn’t had a good performance since the Raiders had to feature Waller in the passing game and no more chip blocks. Maybe it’s time for the Raiders to make a change.

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