Request a backup? NFL executive says league is moving forward with Super Bowl in California, not Arlington

It looks like AT&T Stadium will continue to wait for another Super Bowl.

After sources confirmed The news As the Dallas Cowboys’ home was being assessed as a possible replacement site for Super Bowl LVI on Wednesday, the NFL said it had no plans to move the game from SoFi Stadium to Los Angeles.

“Every match we’ve played this year in a full capacity stadium has allowed us to refine our protocols and prepare not only for match day at SoFi – in what is considered an outdoor building with a roof – but also for Super Bowl week. Said Peter O’Reilly, executive vice president of NFL club affairs and league events. The Los Angeles Times. “We want to be a role model. We know we have a platform here, but we also know we can do things safely and efficiently. It’s a great time for us and for LA to be back after all these years and we’re really confident in our plan.

Los Angeles last hosted the Super Bowl in 1993, when the Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills.

After the Grammy Awards, slated for Jan.31 at Arena (formerly known as Staples Center), were postponed Wednesday, some have speculated that conditions in California surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic may have prompted the league to search other venues for the biggest football game of the year. However, the league normally looks for other sites as a backup, regardless of the circumstances of the pandemic.

The emergency discussions regarding the AT&T stadium were first reported by the WFAA. According to a statement from an NFL spokesperson, the “Los Angeles Super Bowl planning process is ahead of schedule and we look forward to hosting the Super Bowl there to culminate another fantastic NFL season for our people. fans and our clubs “.

“Texas is 100% OPEN” Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted Thursday. “We would welcome the NFL and their fans to the Lone Star State.”

For Dallas-Fort Worth, which hasn’t hosted a Super Bowl since 2011, the wait will continue unless fate strikes on the West Coast in the weeks to come.

The next four Super Bowls are all claimed.

Los Angeles will host the February Championship game. Beyond that, it will be Glendale, Arizona, in 2023, Las Vegas in 2024 and New Orleans in 2025.

When asked if he was frustrated that AT&T Stadium had yet to win another Super Bowl on KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan on Friday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the following:

“When we had that Super Bowl we did a great job, people like Roger Staubach, Ross Perot Jr. were really supporting the effort. But, we thought we would sell this football country, and we are. It’s just recognized as the heart – it’s the heart of things relating to our sport and our game. And, so, I think we’ve basically sold all the other owners on that, that’s a big statement. about football. This is really something we want to say and say loudly to the NFL and the fans. I still believe it very strongly. So even if you have weather issues, Miamis or Californias vacation experience issues, this is still the center of the country and logistically it makes a lot of sense to the NFL considering all of our national fan base. . Always believe that, always believe that we have the best site, and all of that – what we’ve really come across is that the NFL likes, when you build a new stadium, they really like to take that market and give it the big bucks. suddenly it goes with this new stadium and having a Super Bowl in this area. And I think that more than anything, the construction of other new stadiums has prevented us from having another one earlier than us. I’m holding on. I still want to have it. We deserve it. We’re a soccer country and I keep hope and the same when I built the stadium, it’s a place for a Super Bowl.

Jones added that AT&T Stadium is ready to host the game if needed, and that its franchise wants to be an “active participant”.

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