Rick Spielman: ‘This head coach must have a relationship with this quarterback’

Former Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman continued his media tour after being fired earlier this month, making an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd Tuesday.

While Spielman offered his thoughts on several issues, Cowherd asked Spielman if a team needs an offensive coach to survive in the NFL. His answer potentially gave some insight into Kirk Cousins ​​and Mike Zimmer’s relationship.

“I think the first thing you’re looking for is that the head coach has to have a relationship with that quarterback,” Spielman said. “And can a defensive head coach connect with that quarterback? Now you know an offensive coach will probably be able to because that’s his job. But can a defensive coach do the same ?”

From afar, Cousins ​​and Zimmer’s relationship seemed contentious. After signing with the Vikings in 2018, Zimmer saw Cousins ​​post great stats, but his defense began to deteriorate due to Cousins’ contract pressure on the salary cap.

When Cousins ​​missed five days of training camp after being an unvaccinated close contact with Kellen Mond, Zimmer slammed his QB during a press conference.

Cousins ​​later revealed that he and Zimmer had just started dating during the week, four years after their partnership began. Zimmer begged Cousins ​​to ‘carry on for the jugular’ and Cousins ​​deflected responsibility for call deadlines.

This might be a reason why Spielman added this caveat to his answer.

“Looking back in history here and talking to you earlier, the last two defensive coaches who faced each other in the Super Bowl were Bill Belichick and Dan Quinn.” said Spielman. “They both had great offensive coordinators, Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, great quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Matt Ryan when he was rolling in time. But since then, every head coach who’s won a Super Bowl – was an offensive coach with a great quarterback.”

With Spielman and Zimmer out of the equation, the question now is whether the new head coach will find a relationship with Cousins ​​or another quarterback.

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