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Break away Lighthouse, The man from the north East Robert Egger‘ first big-budget film with an ambitious Viking historical epic. While the first trailer featuring Alexander SkarsgardThe berserker warrior laid bare the vibes of Hamlet, the director assures it’s more than just a revenge story, with the plot also exploring mysticism and adapting Icelandic sagas.

The Northman isn’t your average “Dad is killed by Uncle” drama, though Eggers describes the film with a laugh, similarly, speaking to Empire for the May 2022 print issue. million based on a true Vikings tale explores the story of Prince Amleth and his journey to get revenge on Uncle Fjölnir (Claes Bang) for killing his royal father Horwendil (Ethan Hawke). The story of Prince Amleth of Jutland by 12th century Danish author Saxo Grammaticus actually inspired william shakespeareis Hamlet.

The preview debuted last Christmas and shows glimpses of the young Viking prince’s transformation into an Úlfheðnar berserker, or better, a wolf warrior at the forefront of Viking raids.

“Amleth is used as a spearhead on these raids,” says Eggers. “So it was important that he looked terrifying. His only purpose was to slaughter, get dispatched and wreak havoc. His body was a weapon, so it had to be believable that you threw him straight into the pit. to the lions and make his way.

Northman’s plot and fight scenes are based on the Icelandic saga

The director further explained what sets Úlfheðnar’s berserker apart from the rest of the Danes, calling them: “A warrior who believes he transforms into an animal in an ecstatic state before going into battle.” In fact, one specific scene shows Skarsgård bringing out Amleth’s primal instincts when he bites someone’s throat and repeatedly roars while staring at the moon, during the climax of a fight sequence.

Surprisingly, this scene isn’t entirely fictional – straight out of Egil’s saga where it reads “My teeth solved my problems / And ripped his throat out.” Interestingly, several elements of the film are direct inspirations from the Icelandic saga, such as Amleth’s iconic open-air spear-reversal fighting move.

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“The sagas can sometimes read like ’80s action movies,” says Eggers, describing the Old Norse sagas as tales with lines. Eggers’ previous Fantasy Mystery contained small/brief dialogue, so perhaps that’s an element that resonates in his filmography.

The Northman hits theaters on April 22, 2022.

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