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A few thoughts while wondering what happened to Mark Erb, Orion Garo and Chris Lumsdon:

Here’s the best thing about the Super Bowl game between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears: We won’t have to hear for the next two weeks about New Orleans needing it.

If you weren’t tired of the Saints and Katrina by now, you surely would have been by February 4th.

Here’s a quick summary of most of the storylines you’ll soon tire of: Manning’s legacy and the first clash of two black coaches.

The Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t just been bad for the past twelve years, they’ve done it by making horrible deals and even worse by signing free agents.

But BucsÞ’s most recent trade from Mike Gonzalez for Adam LaRoche has the makings of one of the best deals yet for general manager Dave Littlefield.

Yes, that doesn’t mean much. But LaRoche provides manager Jim Tracy with a much-needed left-handed power hitter. Combine LaRoche’s 32 homers and 90 RBIs for the Atlanta Braves last season in a lineup with batting champion Freddy Sanchez and two-time All-Star Jason Bay, and the Pirates could have an offense.

The price was high ã Gonzales, even as a young southpaw, has the wicked tricks and the mentality to successfully get close.

The Pirates’ problem, however, was that they rarely came to Gonzalez for a life-saving role.

Inactive for most of the offseason, LaRoche’s trade takes what appears to be Littlefield’s signing deal for the year. And he better hope for his land.

Few teams would have had the patience with a general manager who did little to improve the team’s record in the five full seasons he spent in Pittsburgh. Granted, Littlefield took over a side short on talent and laden with useless contracts, but under his watch the Pirates lost 89, 87, 89, 95 and 95 games.

I’m definitely not going to befriend this, but with school budgets as they are, isn’t it time Olean High took a look at their wrestling schedule.

It has nothing to do with wins and losses, even though Olean is 0-10 and in his 12th straight season without a win (21-103).

In a match last week against Genesee Valley, only three fights went in a 48-29 loss at Olean. That game came four days after Olean managed just eight points in finishing last in the Franklinville tournament at 13 teams at 211.5 points behind the Panthers.

The day before, the Huskies sent just five wrestlers in a 59-6 loss to Salamanca, a game that lasted about 10 minutes. A 215-pound sophomore was the veteran of the ã group and he is a freshman wrestler.

It’s not just unfair that programs like Fredonia (66-9 loss to Olean), Falconer (78-6), Southwestern (60-9) and others have to struggle against the Huskies because of league ties, c is also embarrassing. Is the cost really worth it?

(Tom Roof is a sports reporter for the Olean Times Herald.)

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