Should you bet on Murray MVP, Cardinals Super Bowl odds before Week 2?

After a dominant 38-13 road victory over the Tennessee Titans in Week 1, is it time for conversations regarding the Arizona Cardinals as a Super Bowl contender and as the most useful to gain ground? Currently in sports betting, Murray has the third best chance of winning MVP to +1000. The Cardinals are +500 to win the NFC West Division and +3500 to win the Super Bowl.

Let’s see how seriously NFL punters are expected to entertain each of these futures bets before the Cardinals face the Vikings this Sunday.

Super Bowl winner odds (+3400)

The Cardinals currently have the eighth best odds to win the NFC (+2000) and 15th best odds to win the Super Bowl (+3400). There are undoubtedly more talented and proven teams in both conferences compared to the Cardinals. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles appear to be in a class of their own in the NFC. The Kansas City Chiefs continue to be the class of AFC, and are likely to once again pose a threat to win the Super Bowl with the star quarterback under center.

Yet the NFL has arguably the highest parity of all the major professional sports leagues. If you’re looking for a long-term bet, Arizona is a rapidly rising team in the NFL countryside. While Murray is unlikely to be able to lead this group to the Promised Land in his third year, it could very well become a profitable bet to cover if the Cardinals do manage to secure a playoff berth, which is a legitimate possibility. Their Super Bowl odds are likely to decline, especially in sports betting in Arizona, if the Cardinals land another decisive victory over the Vikings. Right now the best of DraftKings Sportsbook,

To win MVP (+1000)

In Week 1, Murray delivered a sensational performance, completing 21 of 32 attempted passes for 289 yards and four touchdowns. He also added another touchdown and 20 yards with his legs. Is this fall the year Murray emerges as a legitimate star quarterback?

Overzealous punters might rush to throw money at an exciting young player after an outstanding 1 week, but pragmatic evaluators won’t be so keen to trust Murray. For one thing, Murray had one of the most favorable clashes of any quarterback in the league in Arizona’s season opener. Throughout the summer and the preseason, the Titans faced a plethora of injuries, which prevented them from having much practice time together heading into Week 1. The lack of time on the whole pitch was painfully obvious against Murray, who ripped apart their unprepared defense. all afternoon. Another reason to slow down the hype around Murray is that he still has plenty of room to grow as a pitcher. In 2020, he ran 822 yards and dazzled with his deep ball, but struggled mightily on the intermediate throws, which made up over 20% of his attempts. On throws between 10 and 19 yards from the line of scrimmage last fall, Murray had an unimpressive passer rating of 72.0, throwing seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Murray is a highlighting machine, and it can be tempting to buy as many stocks as possible as he grows in year 3 as a NFL report the caller. However, he will have to prove himself against better defenses in order to convince experienced punters to trust him with their bets.

NFC West Division odds (+500)

Arizona continues to improve as they rearrange their roster in the post-Bruce Arians era. After the Arians left the team after the 2017 season, the Cardinals won just three games in 2018, but improved to win five games in 2019 and finished 8-8 last fall. How good can this group be in Year 3 under head coach Kliff Kingsbury?

In 2020, the Cardinals finished only with a record .500, but they edged their opponents by 522 yards on the year. They scored seven more touchdowns than they allowed and averaged 5.7 yards per game on offense, which was the franchise’s best score since the 2015 campaign, in which they finished 13 -3 in the regular season and have reached the NFC Championship game before losing to the Carolina Panthers. It would be a mistake to say that this Arizona squad is as good as the 2015 squad, but it’s definitely a collection of talented players on both sides of the ball.

and the Los Angeles Rams are going to be tough to beat in this division, but Arizona should find themselves solidly in the mix for a playoff spot as a Wild Card in the expanded format. Betting on the Cardinals to win more than 9.5 games (-115) or to advance to the playoffs (+100) could be a risk for punters to consider. Bettors always choose them to finish last in the NFC West, giving them division odds of +550 on several sportsbooks.

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