SMT gears up for USFL Championship on Fox with tech innovations

SMT provides the United States Football League (USFL) with the same signature production services it provides to the National Football League (NFL). In the league’s inaugural championship game, the Philadelphia Stars take on the Birmingham Stallions at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

As with the final 42 games of the league’s first season, SMT’s team of broadcast specialists will provide its
traditional and innovative football technology for the USFL Championship game, including the iconic 1st & Ten line Emmy-winning virtual platform, Camera Tracker data, stats integration and augmented reality graphics larger than life.

SMT’s six-member on-site technical team supports on-site gaming every week with the main 1st & Ten line operator, two Skycam operators, a Top Font operator, a backup utility and an AR operator. SMT is also providing two technicians to NBC’s Stamford studio to support timing and scoring, statistical integration and zoom telestration, which inserts a tackle box, back pass line, three-yard pad, a side kick and a tight end box.

For Fox broadcasts, SMT provides augmented reality graphics that “rise” from the field that display player rosters, game summaries, player of the game, quarterback comparisons, and integrated data. Top Font pointers use player tag data provided by Shot Tracker which allows SMT to live stream pointers embedded in stats that identify players before the snap.

“SMT has provided innovative systems for a wide variety of football leagues, from the NFL to startups such as the Alliance of American Football (AAF) and the American Flag Football League (AFFL). We are proud to have the USFL under our umbrella as the league ushered in an exciting new era of professional football,” said Robbie Louthan, Senior Vice President, Business Development, SMT. “As pioneers of the virtual yellow frontline and innovators of AR graphics, SMT has been championing fan engagement technology for decades, and we are thrilled to support the USFL with our experienced team of broadcast specialists who s ‘commit to providing the next level of high-level technologies, impeccable service and top-notch support.

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