Sports management students to work at Super Bowl LVI

With the NFL season underway, the LVI Superbowl, which takes place on February 13, 2022, is just around the corner. For 12 students in the Sports Management Department at Ithaca College, this is a date they have circled on their calendar as they will attend the event to work and gain sports management experience.

For the Super Bowl, selected students will contribute to the NFL House staff, the highest level of VIP hospitality for sponsors, players and owners. They will also be working in the field from 3 p.m. to midnight, monitoring access to credentials and media control, where they will check to validate someone’s access to certain areas of the stadium. Students will leave on February 8 and return on February 15. This year, the trip is funded by the School of Business, alumni donations, and funds students will pay to subsidize travel and hotel stays.

Seniors Dania Bogdanovic, Jordan DeSilva, Ian Citrin, Juniors Jacqueline Leone, Shane Curry, Jennifer Pitts, Keegan Santasiere, Justin Houston, Samuel Plvan Tolu Sosan and sophomores Noah Kamens and David Toplitsky will be joined by Annemarie Farrell, associate professor and president of the sHarbor mmanagement department.

Middle School sHarbor mThe Management Department places a strong emphasis on the importance of experiential education, encouraging students to gain as much practical experience as possible in their major while learning the curriculum in the classroom. The program has led students to form connections and relationships with organizations like the NFL, NCAA, and the Olympics.

Students can apply, regardless of their class year, at any time during their time at the college. Students send applications, resumes and cover letters to three sports management faculty members, Farrell, Wonyul Bae and Rachel Madsen, associate professors in the Department of Sports Management, because they choose who they think is best placed to represent the program.

Previous events students have attended and worked for include the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl. Farrell said the college received an invitation to attend Super Bowl LV in February 2021, but was unable to attend due to security concerns and insufficient funding caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, however, the two-year wait is coming to an end as 12 students will have the opportunity to work at Super Bowl LVI.

Leone said she hopes to gain more experience in event operations as she plans to pursue a career in this field once she graduates.

“My interest in operations and event management is what prompted me to apply [to work the event]”said Leone.” Other students who have been there before say it is a great experience and every interested student should apply. “

Leone said she appreciated the college giving her the chance to work at one of the biggest sporting events in the United States. States.

“I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity that would not be possible without the Sports Management Department at Ithaca College,” she said.

Curry is out of college this semester to work in game operations for Duke University volleyball in Durham, North Carolina. However, during his first two years at Ithaca College, he said he had accumulated a lot of experience to secure a place to work at the event next February. During his freshman year, he applied and was accepted to work in the NCAA Final Four. He accepted this opportunity, but was unable to attend due to the pandemic. Now, with the Super Bowl on the horizon, he said he’s thrilled to be able to take the opportunity.

“It will be the experience of a lifetime,” said Curry.

He said all his classes in the sports management department prepared him for the opportunity.

“I can’t really point to a specific class,” Curry said. “The culture they have created in the sport management program is one of hard work, dedication and courage. The great thing that is rooted is like the “grain of Ithaca”. This kind of mentality has already helped me a lot in everything I do.

He also recognized how teachers are going to help their students succeed.

“The professors give us all a really good understanding of the importance of what we do,” said Curry. “Also, how hard we have to work day in and day out to maintain this level of recognition from the students of Ithaca College, it is really the culture more than the courses that has really helped shape my mindset and the mindset of many. . students from Ithaca College.

Farrell emphasized how competitive the application process is. Farrell said she, Bae and Madsen are looking for students who have taken the initiative to gain experience in event management and who have demonstrated maturity in similar situations.

“We are at the front door of the NFL,” Farrell said. “There is a high level of expectation to be in these types of environments. Students like Jackie and Shane are students who know what hospitality is. Every year the students do such a good job that they say “how many more students can you bring in?” “

Farrell also mentioned what this experience does to the confidence of students to apply to work in the sports management field.

“It shows them how close they are,” Farrell said. “I think the students come in and think, ‘I really want to work in sports and it’s so far.’ They come in September and five months later stand outside the San Francisco 49ers’ locker room and work with credentialed access. “

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