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DALLAS (AP) – Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson are always open to new ways to commemorate their famous Hail Mary touchdown that gave the Dallas Cowboys a playoff victory over the Minnesota Vikings in 1975.

Nothing says “new” quite like a digital collector’s item known by a term that may sound like a foreign language to people old enough to remember Staubach’s 50-meter uprising in the dying seconds, and the take on the Pearson’s hip after his eternal contact debate with defensive back Nate Wright just yards from the end zone.

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The non-fungible token, or NFT, goes on sale through Dallas-based Heritage Auctions on August 21-22 with a starting offer of $ 20,000 and estimates the price could reach $ 80,000.

The winning bidder will get a 55-inch screen to display the collector’s item and join Staubach and Pearson on the field for a recreation of the piece that gave the Cowboys a 17-14 victory. Dallas lost to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl that season.

“The Hail Mary has always been a part of my life, and it’s now used in different ways,” Staubach told The Associated Press Tuesday. “But in 1975, that was the first time it was used in the NFL.”

This is because of what Staubach told reporters after the game when asked what he thought of the play. At that point, he had no idea what his response would create.

“I was a Catholic kid from Cincinnati, Ohio, and you know, that was a hell of a room,” Staubach said. “I said, ‘I closed my eyes and said a’ Hail Mary ‘instead of saying,’ I closed my eyes and said a prayer. Or I could have said the, ‘Our Father in Glory be.’ But I said “Hail Mary”.

The collaboration with Ellipsis Digital LLC, designed by Austin-based artist Glitch, comes less than a month before Pearson finally joins Staubach in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The All-Pro triple receiver is part of the 2021 class. Staubach was dedicated in 1985.

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“When I saw some of the numbers associated with this digital art from other people who were doing it, I couldn’t believe it,” Pearson said. “And then I realized, ‘Hey, we could also have something valuable for these people where we can generate the same kind of numbers. “”

Heritage was interested in part because there will be only one digital interpretation of the Ave Maria. Other NFTs are more like traditional collectibles such as collectible cards, with many more in circulation.

Part of the appeal of NFTs is that they can be traded into cryptocurrencies. Heritage’s involvement also means that the Hail Mary item can be purchased with a debit or credit card.

“We think this one is special in that it tells the story of an iconic play, an event, and it features two of the greatest players in NFL history,” said Mike Provenzale. , production manager of Heritage. “And the good thing is that it also offers a tangible aspect. You meet Roger and Drew and replay the Hail Mary.

Ellipsis president Josh Fagan says he’s a longtime Cowboys fan who is about the same age as the Hail Mary himself – 45. Although the play was performed before Fagan’s time, his company is linked to Staubach and Pearson through Doug Donley, a friend and investor in The Dallas catcher late in Pearson’s career.

Fagan says Ellipsis intends to research digital memorabilia for other iconic sports moments.

“We think and we think there is a great opportunity specifically with these vintage athletes because, if you think about it, their careers ended before the internet was invented,” said Fagan. “They never had to create these kinds of new forms of media memories. And there is just a huge market for it.

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