Super Bowl 2023 odds, picks: 49ers, Broncos among top five value games for Super Bowl LVII

The 2021 NFL season is officially over, as the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, 23-20. The Rams have been watching Super Bowl 2022 since they traded for quarterback Matthew Stafford, and so have we. Last year, we had the Rams as the No. 1 Super Bowl value pick at +1300. Now, every member of the CBS Sports NFL editorial team is millionaire.

OK maybe not really, but we made some money this year. The Rams had the sixth-highest odds to win the Super Bowl last offseason while the Bengals had the fourth-longest odds (+8000) to win Super Bowl LVI. The New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars had shorter odds! Still, Zac Taylor and Co. came just a minute and walked away from claiming their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Caesars Sportsbook has already released its odds for Super Bowl LVII. Below, we’ll look at five Super Bowl value picks you should consider putting some money on right now. Virtually every pick could be considered a value pick at this point, but we’ll think outside the box on a few of them.

It’s time for Kyle Shanahan to win a Super Bowl after watching his pal Sean McVay win one. The 49ers are tied with the AFC champion Bengals in having the fourth-highest odds to win the Super Bowl, but +1400 is juicy no matter where it ranks. The 49ers made it to the NFC Championship Game this year and lost a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter. However, they will have a new quarterback in 2022, which means they will have new hope.

No disrespect to Jimmy Garoppolo, but he wasn’t taking the charge up front. Everyone understood that the 49ers’ winning plan included running the ball, playing great defense and special teams, and then Garoppolo just wasn’t returning the ball. Trey Lance will be the quarterback in 2022, and if he’s even a small upgrade, the 49ers will have a chance to compete for the Super Bowl.

The AFC No. 1 seed saw its incredible end to the playoff winless season as Ryan Tannehill threw three interceptions against the Bengals in the Divisional Round. The fact that the defense snagged a record nine sacks against Joe Burrow and lost has many wondering if the Titans have the right quarterback in place to win, but this team was the No. 1 seed in the league. ‘AFC for a reason with wins over the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Rams.

Tennessee has several issues to figure out this offseason, such as the secondary, tight end, wide receiver and maybe the offensive line, but they reside in the AFC South. Half the division is working with new head coaches and the Indianapolis Colts could have a new starting quarterback. Bet on the Titans to make the playoffs next year as soon as you see this prop, and maybe sprinkle some on them to win the Super Bowl too.

You probably already know what I’m going to say here. It’s an Aaron Rodgers play. It’s unclear if Rodgers will leave Green Bay or even play at all in 2022, but Denver hiring old friend Nathaniel Hackett to be its new head coach certainly makes the Broncos more appealing, and this team is talented enough to do so. noise. in 2022 – even with a freshman head coach.

While the Broncos have finished last in the AFC West two years in a row, I sincerely believe this is a Super Bowl team if they can determine the quarterback position. Seriously, Denver has a good offensive line, a legitimate running back in Javonte Williams, a potential top 10 in Noah Fant, and a large receiving corps that is young and very talented. Then they have a solid defensive front seven when healthy, and a titled secondary by Justin Simmons and Patrick Surtain II. This post would do you good if Rodgers decides to take his talents to Denver.

The Patriots are no longer considered the best team in the AFC East, but Bill Belichick has found his new franchise quarterback in Mac Jones. While everyone was more excited for Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, it was Jones who made the Pro Bowl as a replacement, and he certainly looks like he’s the right guy moving forward.

Remember how aggressive the Patriots were in free agency last offseason? They don’t have the best ceiling situation in the world, but I wonder if we’ll ever see that again. Specifically, I’d like to see New England bolster their large receiving corps to help Jones. It was the running game that got this team to the playoffs, but Jones has clearly improved as the year progressed. I expect this to be the case in 2nd year as well.

Here’s our $5 flyer, but $5 on this line would net you $300. What do the Steelers have going for them? An excellent head coach in Mike Tomlin, a versatile running back in Najee Harris and Defensive Player of the Year in TJ Watt. The factor behind this flyer bet is the new quarterback. If Pittsburgh wants to go ahead with Mason Rudolph or Dwayne Haskins, then go ahead and lose the ticket. But if the Steelers choose someone else, it could get exciting.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported in January that the Steelers are more likely to sign a quarterback than offer a royal ransom for a star. Sure, but what if Russell Wilson lets it be known he wants to join the Steelers? Would this change the tone of the front office?

Here’s a rundown of all of Caesars Sportsbook’s chances of winning next year’s Super Bowl:

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