Super Bowl odds before week 4

The 2021 NFL The season has been a roller coaster of emotions, almost as frantic as my daughter when I take her to the zoo on a busy day. We’ve seen each of the teams from last February’s Super Bowl, the Buccaneers and Chiefs, drop games. Carolina, Arizona and Las Vegas are surprisingly among the field of five undefeated teams. The LA Rams dominated from the start and sit at the top of the majority of current analyst rankings. But there are still 15 weeks left in the season and 11 teams have a 2-1 record. Indeed, anything can happen by February 2022.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the updated Super Bowl odds on online sports betting and make some picks before the Jaguars and Bengals kick off the game on Thursday night!

All odds are from BetMGM, and all stats are from and Reference Football Pro.

Super Bowl 2021 Odds Table – Top 10 Week 4

Kansas City Chiefs +600 (Last Week Ranking / Odds: # 1 / + 500)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600 (last week: No. 2 / + 575)
Los Angeles Rams +800 (No. 4 / + 1200)
Buffalo Bills +900 (No. 3 / + 1200)
Cleveland Browns +1400 (No. 8 / + 1, 600)
Green Bay Packers +1400 (No. 7 / + 1400)
San Francisco 49ers +1400 (# 5 / + 1200)
Baltimore Ravens +1600 (No. 6 / + 1400)
Los Angeles Chargers +1800 (excluding top 10 / + 3000)
Arizona Cardinals +2500 (No. 10 / + 2500)


Not much changed between Week 3 and Week 4, but the Los Angeles Rams rose +400 to lead the Buffalo Bills, who jumped +300 despite losing a spot. These two teams have played the best from top to bottom in their respective conferences over the course of three games, but punters naturally consider Kansas City and Tampa Bay as the favorites.

It’s hard to ignore how impressive the Rams were. I mentioned in this column last week that they were the best bet over +1000, so hopefully you got in before they climbed to the top. QB looked like a start MVP forerunner, and his chemistry with and company has been impressive. After knocking out the Buccaneers and defending champions, the Rams earned their rightful place at the top of the NFL power rankings.

In the AFC, the Bills cook on gas again. , the MVP finalist last season, helped Buffalo destroy Washington last week. He had 358 passing yards and five total touchdowns, and the Buffalo defense was impressive as well. I’ve been on the Bills for almost five years, and it looks like they’re finally ready to have a legitimate Super Bowl run. I like their value at +900 and I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to climb.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs and Bucs are bringing in almost no value as it is currently constituted. Kansas City had some challenges in the passing game that we didn’t see at the time. And Tampa Bay’s distinctively dominant defense has been on display a number of times, especially in the high school. Richard Sherman’s surprising signing shows just how desperate Bruce Arians and company are to plug their holes. Stay away from the leading runners at these odds.

Support the Packers?

Last week I wrote on the Green Bay Packers being the most complete team out of +1000 in the Super Bowl odds tables. At +1,400, the Pack’s chances of winning the Super Bowl LVI remain unchanged, despite eliminating the 49ers at San Fran on a winning run that took him just 37 seconds. You will no longer have many chances to bet on Green Bay at these odds.

Rising to the top ten list and bouncing the Seattle Seahawks like a quick back kick from a horse, the Los Angeles Chargers are for real. The chemistry between the 2020 Rookie of the Year and the breakout wide receiver has been startling, and LA actually seems to have some semblance of defense now. In addition, the double-threat running back is in good health, happily dominating the first seven opponents. The Bolts could be worth a small bet.

One thing to watch out for: the San Francisco 49ers and their quarterback situation. Niners Nation, players and fans alike, apparently believe in rookie QB much more than head coach Kyle Shanahan. Lance provides spark, energy, and movement when the veteran QB gets stuck in the mud. This team is a contender as Lance is promoted.

Surprisingly still at the end of the top ten list, the Arizona Cardinals hasn’t moved in any way, form or form despite winning his third of three games. Bettors probably don’t believe in Arizona’s job or the Cardinals’ defense. But and the company destroyed the Titans – a playoff team a season ago – in Week 1, and survived a strong Minnesota offense in Week 2. And the Arizona D did. a big step forward with JJ Watt teaming up with Chandler Jones on the pass rush. Vance Joseph’s unit held two of its top three opponents under 20 points and ranks second in the NFL in take-out (7), the average time per defensive possession (2:20) and the conversion percentage against the third down (25.7%). Desert birds deserve more respect than their +2500 digital controls.

Best long shots

Last week, I detailed the Dallas Cowboys at +3000 as my favorite bet on the Super Bowl odds table. I stay with them and can’t believe they only climbed +500 after winning their second of three games. Their only loss was in the NFL opening of the reigning champions’ season. I’d bet the Cowboys on the Browns, 49ers and Ravens, to name a few.

The sports books probably still don’t believe in the Dallas defense, but it’s a vastly improved unit. I was very impressed with rookie linebacker Micah Parsons and sophomore cornerback Trevon Diggs. With an ever-improving D, a healthy lower center and a barrage of offensive weapons, starring sophomore and eternal Pro Bowler “(player-popup # ezekiel-elliott) Ezekiel Elliott “: / players / ezekiel-elliott- 35540 — this team appears to be a legitimate competitor.

Another intriguing longshot? The Las Vegas Adventurers, who remains undefeated after three games. The veteran quarterback plays like he did in 2016, when he finished third in MVP vote. The QB is currently leading the NFL in passing yards (1,203, good for 401 yards per game), and he’s making a name for himself among the young broads,, and. And we all know the talented tight end pass catchers.

If the Raiders can improve on their pass rush and secondary – and can stay relatively healthy – they could make a run for the ship. They seem to have a “why not us?” Mindset, and we’ve seen head coach Jon Gruden make playoff fringes Super Bowl contenders. At +3000, they’re worth at least a $ 5 bet to win $ 300.

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