Super Bowl ring thief masquerades as veteran at Swampscott supermarket

SWAMPSCOTT – Police seek to charge Lynn’s Sean Murphy with false pretense theft and Stolen Valor Act violation after he was found posing as a military veteran and demanding money outside of Whole Foods at Vinnin Square last week.

Swampscott Police received a call from a Navy veteran and former correctional officer, who said he wanted to help Murphy, whom he believed to be a veteran. The Navy veteran quickly realized after speaking with Murphy that he was a former inmate he had once supervised and never served.

Murphy, 57, is a self-proclaimed “master thief” who spent more than 10 years in prison for theft a collection of championship rings from the EA Dion Inc. manufacturing plant in Attleboro. Murphy stole the rings after the New York Giants won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots in 2007.

Murphy stole $ 2 million in gold and jewelry and over a dozen rings, including one he claimed belonged to Michael Strahan.

He gave one of the rings to a former girlfriend, an act that ultimately led to a police raid on her home in 2009.

He was also arrested for the theft from a Brinks facility in Columbus, Ohio in 2009.

Murphy recently completed his prison term for these offenses and is currently on probation.

During his time at Whole Foods last week, posing as a veteran, Murphy wore camo shorts, a green Marine Corps T-shirt, a camo hat with two Marine Corps pins and a Marine Corps veteran pin, according to Swampscott Police Officer J. Cassidy Jr., who s ‘was at the scene.

Cassidy said he also believed Murphy to be an Armed Forces veteran based on his looks and presentation and was told Murphy was working with a ‘political petition’ from Peabody to collect signatures for homeless veterans. . Murphy also had a jar on the table to collect money, which he described as being there for tips.

Cassidy asked Murphy if he was a veteran, which he denied, before starting to call the number Murphy gave him for the organization he was collecting signatures for.

The number was not that of the organization Murphy’s indicated, and he was asked to vacate the premises.

Cassidy said Murphy’s probation officer was briefed on the situation and explained that charges would be laid against Murphy.

Swampscott Police said a court date has yet to be determined.

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