Takeaways from the 2022 NFL Draft

The most talked about trade for Minnesota was the first round trade with Detroit. The Lions used the acquired pick to sign Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams. Green Bay also picked up a receiver when they passed Minnesota on Friday; the Packers drafted North Dakota State wide receiver Christian Watson, 34th overall.

Asked about the pair of trades with division haters, Adofo-Mensah stressed his focus on Minnesota‘s roster and how to build the best team possible.

“The other thing people should realize is that they can call up other teams, so we were pretty sure the team behind us would get the same deal. Let that team get that player and that we weren’t getting those picks isn’t a better outcome,” he explained. “The only better outcome would have been to take that player, but in our situation we didn’t think that was the best decision. to take.

“Another trade we made, I think the same dynamic was in place. You have to make those decisions, and that’s the choice we made,” he continued. “We also knew they could trade with someone else. We’d rather reap the benefits of the trade if we thought so. We’re fine. It’s a big league; they’re big organizations, and we We’re going to have to compete with them anyway, and we’ll be up for the challenge.”

6. Trade, trade, trade | By Craig Peters

Adofo-Mensah brought the frenzy of his Wall Street trading experience to the Thomson Reuters newsroom on Saturday morning.

Less than an hour into the final day, Adofo-Mensah had orchestrated three exchanges.

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