The best NFL team you can buy! Building the ultimate list of 53 men under the 2021 salary cap

The stacking of Kelce and Kittle makes this offense nearly impossible to defend. In 2018, Kittle set an NFL record with 1,377 receiving yards on the close end. Last season Kelce eclipsed that mark with 1,416 receiving yards in just 15 games. The Chiefs star has passed every wide receiver outside of Stefon Diggs (1,535) in the category. Kittle missed eight games in 2020, but still averaged 79.3 yards per reception, good for second among tight ends behind Kelce (94.4). Kittle can provide elite receiving and run after capture ability, while also being a devastating run blocker. Gronkowski is a shell of himself, but he can still contribute as a receiver (see: two touchdowns in Super Bowl LV) and as a blocker. Plus, a locker room with Kelce, Kittle, and Gronk would be a happy time. Sometimes the cap makes the decisions for us. Griffin passed his teammate Adam trautman because I needed a little extra space elsewhere on the list. Trautman was PFF’s highest-rated race blocking tight winger by a wide margin (5.9 points) in 2020, while Griffin was ninth (in 58 race blocking snaps).

Others have considered: seDarren waller (Adventurers), Marc Andrews (Crows), Dallas goedert (Eagles), Mike Gesicki (Dolphins), Jonnu Smith (patriots), Adam trautman (Saints).

Most difficult decision: Line the tight ends of the superstar, rather than picking one and using the leftover dough in a different position. Having the Kelce-Kittle duo essentially makes up for the lack of an elite WR1.

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