The best player of the Vikings, according to the “Top 100” of the NFL network

Each summer, NFL Network unveils the 100 best players in the NFL, an event renowned for its authority in the field.

Power rankings of players are largely opinion driven, so why this particular lot more credible that others?

NFL players vote to establish the order of one hundred to one hundred. Rankings are determined by the players, fueling the authenticity of the pecking order. If the players are feeling a certain way, then consider this gospel – more than a talking head who has never played NFL football.

The best player of the Minnesota Vikings in 2021 according to the NFL Top 100 ranking is Dalvin Cook. He registered at # 20 for the 2021 edition.

Dalvin cook
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Cook was the Vikings’ MVP in 2020, a struggling season. Minnesota has been without the following men for much of the time: Danielle Hunter, Anthony Barr, Michael Pierce, Mike Hughes and Eric Kendricks.

It was on Cook’s back that the Vikings recovered from a dismal 1-5 start. Cook was briefly mentioned as an MVP candidate while leading the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns at the time. He even won the NFL Offensive Player of the Month award in November.

And that stunt wasn’t necessarily limited to that month – Cook has been one of the best in the business for the past two seasons. Out of the state gate of Florida, in 2017 and 2018, Cook missed 53% of all Viking games due to injury. Most of that mark came from his rookie season when he tore his ACL. He earned a “possibly injured” award, which prompted many Vikings fans to denounce his eligibility for a contract extension. In the end, the Vikings’ leadership – primarily general manager Rick Spielman – disagreed, paying Cook a solid $ 63 million, five-year contract with $ 28 million in guaranteed money.

Cook will be a free agent in 2026.

That sum of dollars seems fair enough now. Indeed, Cook has suffered injuries in both his freshman and sophomore campaigns, but his last two seasons have been dazzling. He leads all NFL players in scrimmage yards per game over the past two seasons.

Cook also cuts out the end zone. No other player in the industry has more games with at least one touchdown than Cook since 2019. Consistency is a signature.

The Vikings half-back wasn’t the only Minnesota player to be recognized in the NFL Top 100. Justin Jefferson, Eric Kendricks and Adam Thielen were all voted on by the other players.

At 26, Cook has a few more seasons on the schedule at his physical peak. Many laggards of Cook’s caliber experience a dip around the age of 28, so Cook, in theory, should have three full seasons serving the production of the upper echelon. After all, Cook has accounted for 29.4% of all Vikings touchdowns since the start of 2019.

At # 20 on the NFL Network list, these are the players within Cook’s reach:

  • 15. Tyreek Hill (WR, KC)
  • 16. Myles Garrett (EDGE, KEY)
  • 17. Xavier howard (CB, MIA)
  • 18. Deshaun Watson (QB, HOU)
  • 19. Baker Buddha (FS, ARI
  • 20. Dalvin cook (RB, MIN)
  • 21. Fred warner (LB, SF)
  • 22. DK Metcalf (WR, MER)
  • 23. Khalil mack (EDGE, CHI)
  • 24. Lamar jackson (QB, BAL)
  • 25. Bobby wagner (LB, MER)

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