The goal of Viking Mergers & Acquisitions is to maximize the selling value of your business> Charleston Business Journal

The Charleston office has the expertise and experience to ensure a profitable transaction

AManaging Partner of the Charleston office of Viking Mergers & Acquisitions, Ben Knight leads the sale of businesses across many industry sectors. The Viking team ensures the best results for business owners by developing business valuations, confidentially marketing to potential buyers, and coordinating the efforts of legal and financial professionals to close the deal.

Knight, a former executive and seasoned businessman, bought and sold three different companies during his career. He knows firsthand how much work is required for a successful sale and is passionate about making sure business owners get the best possible deal for their hard-earned business value.

“Selling a business can be very stressful, and we take that emotion away from it,” Knight said. “We are negotiating on your behalf. Plus, we’re reaching many more buyers than an owner could do on their own. For example, we are on average close to 100 people who inquire about most of the ads.

He compares his job to that of a quarterback on a football team, working with everyone involved to cross the goal line.

“There’s a lot of information involved, like tax returns and disclosures. We work closely with lawyers, CPAs and banks, and we screen potential buyers to ensure they are qualified, ”said Knight. “We also offer search engine optimization marketing to maximize a business’s visibility.”

Knight knows firsthand the success that Viking Mergers & Acquisitions can bring; he is a former client who used the firm’s expertise to buy two of his companies. He was recruited to head the company’s Mount Pleasant office by Jay Offerdahl, president of the company, who became a good friend. There are currently seven Viking sites in the Carolinas and Florida.

Senior Advisors Bruce Thackston and John Elwood join Knight in the Charleston office.

“More than half of the advisors in Viking’s offices are former business owners and we offer a lot of empathy in this process,” Knight said. “We’ve been through what owners are going through and we’re helping them understand when it’s the right time to sell their business for the full price. “

Viking does not charge any fees until the business sells. Knight said the company represents many loyal customers and serial entrepreneurs. Celebrate their 25e anniversary in June, their business valuation formula resulted in an incredible average of 96% of the asking price for the 650+ businesses they sold.

“We bring a very professional ethic to help owners successfully sell their business,” Knight said. “I love that we can help people realize the American dream of owning a business, and then help them sell that business profitably when the time is right.”

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