The quarterbacks who will win a Super Bowl by 2030 (and the QBs who don’t stand a chance)

Obviously on a NFL everyone is important, from coach to kicker, however, it’s no secret that quarterbacks are the stars of the movie. The best example is Tom Brady, who came to the New England Patriots and built a dynasty, then went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led them to ultimate glory as well.

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There are many talented quarterbacks today who have never won a Super Bowl, but have what it takes to win it in the current decade. On the other hand, there are some quarterbacks who seem to have no chance of accomplishing the feat, either because they will get stuck on bad teams or because they just aren’t champions.

ten Will win a Super Bowl: Josh Allen

Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl, despite having appeared in four, but their fans trust Josh Allen to change history. Allen turns 26 in May, which means he should still improve his game a lot in this decade, enough to lead the Bills to a championship win. In last season’s playoffs, Allen put in a terrific performance, averaging 318.5 yards per game, with a 77.4 passing percentage and a 149.0 rating. If Allen maintains that level in the next playoffs, he’ll likely end up winning a Super Bowl.

9 No Chance: Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins ​​steps back to throw
Credit: Brad Rempel – USA TODAY Sports

Chances are that by 2030, Kirk Cousins ​​will be retired, but will he win a ring? Barely. Yes, Cousins ​​is very talented and was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL of 2021, with an excellent rating of 103.1 (fourth best in the league), but he is already 33 years old and, above all, the Minnesota Vikings are not Super Bowl contenders. . Even if Kirk Cousins ​​signs with a better team when his current contract expires, he will already be in the twilight of his career.


8 Will win a Super Bowl: Lamar Jackson

lamar jackson
credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Over his four seasons in the NFL, Lamar Jackson has proven to be a unique quarterback because he can do anything on the field. In fact, in his MVP season, Lamar Jackson set a single-season rushing record for quarterbacks with 1,206 yards. Impressive, right?

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Granted, Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens failed miserably in the playoffs, and in 2021 they didn’t even make the playoffs, but rest assured the Ravens will fight back and likely win a Super Bowl in the next few years.

7 No Chance: Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Darnold was one of the worst starting quarterbacks of the 2021 season. He’s only 24, but he’s already four seasons into his NFL career and had a performance that leaves a lot to be desired, with a winning percentage. career completion of 59.8 and a score of 76.9. The third pick in the 2018 draft has had a pretty disappointing start to his career, and if he doesn’t improve quickly, he may not belong in the NFL.

6 Will win a Super Bowl: Joe Burrow

Joe Terrier
Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

In his second season in the NFL, Joe Burrow was the leader in completion percentage (70.4%) and yards per pass attempt (8.9), and he was second in rankings (108.3) , which shows that it is a phenomenon. The Cincinnati Bengals were on the verge of winning Super Bowl LVI, but lost 23-20 to the Los Angeles Rams.

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Despite the loss, Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals proved they had an insatiable competitive spirit and would surely earn a championship sooner rather than later.

5 No Chance: Matt Ryan

matt ryan
Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan was unlucky in 14 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons because no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to win the Super Bowl, and frankly, it looks like he won’t. never. Ryan and the Falcons had a golden opportunity in Super Bowl LI, as they trailed the New England Patriots 28-3, but ended up losing 34-28. It was one of the craziest games in history, and the Falcons still can’t get over it.

4 Will win a Super Bowl: Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott
credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott has had a very good career, which clearly shows that he is one of the best quarterbacks. The 28-year-old quarterback threw for 22,083 yards in his career, averaging 259.8 yards per game and a rating of 98.7. Likewise, the Dallas Cowboys are a great team, but they still can’t find that momentum to win a Super Bowl. However, Jerry Jones will likely make the necessary adjustments for the Cowboys and Prescott to win a Super Bowl soon.

3 No Chance: Jared Goff

Jared Goff
Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford accomplished in his first year with the Los Angeles Rams what Jared Goff failed to accomplish in five years. Who would have thought? Everyone thought Jared Goff would end up winning a Super Bowl with the Rams, but Les Snead made the bold move to trade him for Matthew Stafford and look, it paid off. Now Goff is part of one of the league’s worst teams, the Detroit Lions, who have never won a Super Bowl. Frankly, Jared Goff needs a miracle to win a championship with the Lions.

2 Will win a Super Bowl: Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert
credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

In just two seasons in the NFL, Justin Herbert has already racked up 9,350 passing yards, with 292.2 yards per game, and as if that weren’t enough, he’s already delivered 69 touchdown passes. This 23-year-old quarterback is special, there’s no doubt about it. The Los Angeles Chargers don’t have the best team, but they have plenty of time to build a winning team around Justin Herbert that will surely lead them to a Super Bowl victory this decade.

1 No Chance: Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson
Mark Konezny – USA TODAY Sports

Considering Zach Wilson barely played a season in the NFL, it may be too early to judge, but you have to admit his level was absolutely terrible, and right now it’s hard to imagine him winning a Super. Bowl by 2030. The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010, and it looks like they’ll go several more years without doing so, because frankly, the team is pretty bad. Zach Wilson is sure to get better, but he won’t be winning a Super Bowl anytime soon.

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