This stat is the biggest concern for Davis Mills

Which stat is most concerning for Houston Texans’ QB Davis Mills?

Houston Texans starting quarterback Davis Mills has some exciting sound to it as the 2022 offseason rolls around. It’s exciting because he’s just finished the last month of the regular season where the improvement in his game has started to surface, and progress has been made by the rookie.

If the final decision for general manager Nick Caserio and anyone else hired as the new Texans head coach is to keep Mills as a starter under center, they’ll have to keep a certain stat in mind for next season, especially when it comes to relates to “hitting the surface.”

The concerning stat for Mills entering offseason 22 isn’t his passing count (2,664 passing yards), completion percentage (66.75%) or his 16-10 touchdown-to-interception ratio. . The most concerning stat for Mills that needs improvement is reducing the number of times he’s been sacked.

Mills in his rookie season played in 13 games, two of them in a reserve role, and 11 times he was the Texans’ starting quarterback. In all those games combined, he was sacked a total of 31 times.

That’s an average of 2.38 times sacked per game, and when a quarterback is still learning and improving in his game during his rookie season, that’s a lot of times he’s been sacked, even though some matches, he was sacked a lot more than others.

Part of the pressure on the quarterback was on Mills because not all sacks are the fault of the offensive line. Other sacks were on the o line and some missed blocks elsewhere in the backfield, but the bottom line is that Mills can’t continue to be a better quarterback if he gets sacked too much in 22. The times dismissed must be diminished in one way or another.

Houston Texans: Offense allowed 44 total sacks in 2021

If Tyrod Taylor’s sacks are added to the sack total, the Texans’ overall offense total sacks allowed was 44 (the ninth-most sacks allowed in 21), so that number is a bit of a concern.

Six times last season the Texans allowed four or more sacks in a game, including a three-in-four week streak where they allowed five sacks in those games against the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Miami Dolphins. Los Angeles Rams. The game where they didn’t allow five sacks, the o line yielded no sacks against the Tennessee Titans, a game the Texans won 22-13, the Texans have a knack for reducing the number of sacks allowed in Games.

For the Texans to make this a less concerning stat for Mills in 22, they need to improve their offensive line in spots because the inside line could use guard work that can be fixed in the NFL Draft in 22.

It also wouldn’t hurt to add a running back who’s solid at blocking, and whoever calls the offense playing 22, they have to be better — and less predictable — than former offensive coordinator Tim Kelly.

Mills will need to be better at 22, but with the way he has shown improvement in the second half of the season in his last five starts, that shouldn’t be a problem. Mills needs to stay on his feet to do that, and it will be up to the front office and new coaches to figure out how best to make that stat less of a concern next season.

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