Trey Wingo says Tyrann Mathieu + Stephon Gilmore?

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro – USA TODAY Sports

That the LA Rams organization is mentioned with all the NFL’s top stars is partly down to bad habits and partly down to expectations. You see, Rams rumors are pretty popular right now for two reasons: The LA Rams have been and continue to be quite aggressive in building their roster for the new NFL season.

And the other reason is that the LA Rams, who just won the NFL championship, are a popular sports team in the NFL right now. That means any chance for any NFL sports analyst, insider or national commentator has every reason in the world to mention the Rams right now, they take the ball and run with it.

Former ESPN sports analyst Trey Wingo is one such analyst. So far at the start of the NFL offseason, LA Rams rumors have heated up about the likelihood of the team reaching an agreement with the FA All-Pro safety. Tyrant Matthew. Although not confirmed by any team source, several NFL insiders have linked the team and the player.

Of course, this all reminds me of the old Looney Tunes track of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck arguing if it’s bunny season or duck season. Similarly, LA Rams fans are caught in the crossfire to encourage the LA Rams to sign FA Tyrann Mathieu, aka Honey Badger, or another free agent.

In many circles, the ‘other guy’ is FA cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

The LA Rams are caught in this crossfire. Differing opinions on how to improve the roster could both be correct, but in today’s culture of I’m right, everyone’s wrong, there’s not much wiggle room to ride the fence on this one. It’s a debate that has found its way out of social media and into LA Rams fan chat rooms.

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