Vikings tight end Johnny Mundt thrilled to be Fox analyst Mark Schlereth’s ‘favorite player’

The Johnny Mundt lovefest could well continue Sunday on Fox.

During last Sunday’s game between the Vikings and Arizona Cardinals at US Bank Stadium, Fox analyst Mark Schlereth called Mundt, a Minnesota tight end, his “best friend” and his “favorite player”. Whenever Mundt made a good boulder, he didn’t hesitate to call him “my guy”.

Well, Schlereth will be back in the booth for Minnesota‘s game on Sunday in Washington with play-by-play announcer Chris Myers. And Mundt alerted his family members in Modesto, California.

“I told them he was going to do it again, and they’re excited,” Mundt said.

Now, it wouldn’t matter if quarterback Kirk Cousins, receiver Justin Jefferson or running back Dalvin Cook received that kind of treatment on a TV show, but Mundt has been a reserve tight end throughout. of her career. He caught 10 assists in his first five seasons with the Los Angeles Rams, but at least eclipsed his previous career tally in his first season with the Vikings with 12 in seven games.

Schlereth loves Mundt so much because he’s doing “dirty work” for the 6-1 Vikings. Schlereth, a tough NFL guard with Washington and Denver from 1989-2000, saw himself as that type of player.

“I just appreciate the guys doing the job he does,” Schlereth said. “He had some really good blocks on the edge that generated great runs. You can be my guy if you’re a player who doesn’t get a lot of love but does great things. Justin Jefferson is always going to get a lot of love, and he’s a great player and he deserves it. But if I can find one of those types of full-backs or backup tight ends that does justice, that excites me.

Schlereth got very excited when Mundt made big blocks in Minnesota’s 34-26 win over Arizona. But when Mundt scored his first career touchdown in the second quarter on a yard pass from Cousins, the analyst nearly lost it.

“Every once in a while a guy becomes my best friend,” Schlereth said on air. “He becomes my favorite player.”

Schlereth loved how Mundt blocked a defensive end, was patient, then slipped into the end zone and went wide open for Cousins. Offensive coordinator Wes Phillips also liked the play, although he joked that Mundt’s point “left something to be desired”.

Mundt said the Fox clip of the score was shown in the tight ends meeting room before the game against the Commanders. He said tight ends coach Brian Angelichio was “really thrilled” to hear such praise from Scherleth.

Mundt thought it was “pretty cool” himself.

“It’s an honor to receive this kind of praise from a player like him who has done so much in the league,” Mundt said of Schlereth, who won one Super Bowl with Washington and two with Denver. “A lot of friends and family members were very excited about it back home. … The Johnny Mundt train welcomes everyone and anyone.”

Myers, a longtime broadcaster, said Schlereth “is often more excited about players blocking than scoring”, and it was an added treat when Mundt scored. The only downside of the game for Mundt was that he didn’t save the ball from his first touchdown after the smash.

“It’s lost in the mix, but I have the memory,” said Mundt, who had just one catch against the Cardinals.

Since that game, the Vikings have placed Irv Smith Jr., who was their former senior tight end, on injured reserve with an ankle injury and acquired TJ Hockenson from Detroit to replace Smith. But Mundt is expected to continue playing a similar role for the Vikings by slotting into plays to block and catch passes in a timely manner.

And Schlereth will no doubt be ready on Sunday to single out Mundt again.

“I just appreciate guys who are willing to sacrifice themselves and guys who are willing to do the dirty work that don’t usually get recognized on a show,” Schlereth said.

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