Watch live at 12:30 p.m. ET: Steve Stoute on Apple’s Super Bowl deal, TikTok music and the state of DEI

The translation helped seal the NFL’s $250 million deal with Apple Music, making it the sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show. Apple Music replaced Pepsi, which had supported the show for the past decade.

It’s one of many headlines in recent months for Translation, which was Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year 2021 and on Ad Age’s A-list this year. The agency was recently hired by The Big 12 to lead creative and strategy. This gives the Brooklyn-based agency a significant presence in college sports, after years of experience with professional sports leagues and teams, including the NBA and Brooklyn Nets. The translation is responsible for modernizing the Big 12 image with music and influencer marketing, areas in which the agency is well versed.

In fact, Stoute started a music distribution and data analytics company, UnitedMasters, designed to create fairness for artists and creators as music lives on all platforms. This topic has grown in importance for brands as music becomes an increasingly important part of how brands use social platforms like TikTok. UnitedMasters recently bolstered its team with executives from Uber, Twitter and Adobe.

Stoute joins Remotely to learn how brands can build their music strategy, work with creators, and rethink their DE&I strategies.

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