What about Grambling State’s football legacy after hiring Art Briles?

Redemption is embedded in the HBCU culture. The philosophy of forgiveness and grace is frequently introduced by our churches and colleges. Thus, the black community understands the value of a “second chance”. Every day, many are fighting for those same second chances for our young people – for athletes and students.

With that in mind, Grambling’s hiring of Art Briles seems like an act of absolution, rather redemption. Unfortunately, the law appears to ignore Grambling’s 94-year legacy of high values ​​and integrity in football.

What would Eddie Robinson have said about Hue Jackson and Dr. Scott’s decision to make an offer to Briles? Doug Williams disapproves and many other alumni.

Briles has nothing to lose, but everything to gain. If the Tigers win, he wins. If the Tigers were to lose, on Hue Jackson and Dr. Scott will lose.

Briles can come out as the big winner. Either he’ll get a new coaching job or he’ll become a program advisor.

Grambling, on the other hand, will have to fix the fences.

Briles d'art
Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders, left, and JSU athletic director Ashley Robinson
Grambling State University QB Noah Bodden

‘Xs and Os’ versus ‘Ls and Ws’

From the perspective of the Xs and O’s, hiring Briles makes sense. Determining who deserves a second chance is up to the powers that be at Grambling State University.

Yet no one has publicly stood by Briles and been the subject of public scrutiny. Especially in front of the lights of a press conference, the cameras and the journalists’ questions. Why dodge talking about the rental?

I am not sure. Only one point is clear. Grambling is willing to risk public backlash for WINS’ sake and reclaim the SWAC title in 2022.

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