Where does Baker Mayfield rank among the quarterbacks in the 2018 draft class? Hey, Mary Kay!

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Hi, Mary Kay: In the end, did the Browns pick the third-best available No.1 quarterback in the 2018 draft? – Jim in Boardman, Ohio

Hi, Jim: It may seem so right now given that Josh Allen (No. 7 overall pick) made the Pro Bowl last season and took the Bills to the playoffs in consecutive years, including the Championship game of the AFC last season, and Lamar Jackson (No. 32) led the Ravens to the playoffs for three consecutive seasons and won NFL MVP honors in 2019, among other accolades. But these two had continuity in their young careers, as Mayfield experienced constant turmoil.

In fact, his 2019 season was so dysfunctional under Freddie Kitchens that it should be thrown out the window. A fair assessment of Mayfield began midway through last season when he took over Kevin Stefanski’s plan, and will continue from here. By the middle of this season, the Browns will have a good idea of ​​what Mayfield will be like in this system. I still think that in the end he could live up to his first-choice status in the overall standings, but the other two will definitely push him to get the best-in-class distinction.

Hi, Mary Kay: I wonder how the Browns and Andrew Berry make all the contracts work (Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield). It looks like someone will be looking outside or I just don’t understand the cap and the dollars well enough.

My other question is for Jarvis Landry. When Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t step down, do you think it will have a negative impact on Landry and how he sees the team? Can he separate the business aspect from the personal aspect given his proximity to OBJ? – Jeffrey P, San Ramon, CA:

Hi, Jeffrey: Berry and his fellow Ivy League cap specialists will find a way to expand the players they want to keep for the long term by structuring contracts creatively, using voidable years, and keeping some of the caps low at the start of the season. the season. They’ve managed the cap well enough so far, including a minimum dead cap space, that they can keep players they want to keep on market-value contracts. They may have to restructure Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry’s contracts after this season to fit everything in, but they can do whatever they want to do.

As for your second question, I think Landry will be able to separate business from his close friendship with Beckham when it comes to roster decisions for next season. Ideally, they want to stick together and win multiple Super Bowls together, but they both understand it’s a business. The best way to champion their cause is to help the Browns win a championship this season.

Hi, Mary Kay: I have a theory and I want your opinion please. Odell Beckham Jr.’s return will help tight ends as much as other wide receivers. It looked like the tight parts were going to be the focus of the attack. Even though they had a good year, maybe they produced a little less than expected? Will attention to OBJ help TEs? Any expectations for David Njoku? – SL Smith DFW, Texas

Hi, SL: Beckham’s return will help the whole offense, in part because it will distract from others. Tight ends, receivers and rears will all benefit. I think the tight ends will also be more productive this year as Austin Hooper will have a year under his belt with Mayfield, and Njoku will be full out from the start instead of wanting to go out like he did last year. Harrison Bryant is also set to take a big leap in his second season.

Hi, Mary Kay: Some have mentioned that KhaDarel Hodge could be the team’s third wide wide receiver, due to his size and athletic ability. I can see it, but Rashard Higgins has enjoyed a special Baker Mayfield chemistry over the past few years, and I wonder if that can play a role in the decision making … Also keep up the great work! – Robert Seltzer, El Paso, Texas

Hi Robert: Thank you! I think the third receiver duties will be handled by a committee made up of Higgins, Hodge, Donovan Peoples-Jones and Anthony Schwartz depending on the clashes. If you need a reliable road racer and a red zone threat, Higgins could get the green light. If you are looking for someone to support the defense, Schwartz will be your man. It will be up to this group of receivers to stand out and make the coaches want to use them, but I imagine they have every chance. I also see more than 11 personal or three receivers this season.

Hi, Mary Kay: Nick Chubb’s extension is the most pressing issue I have. The extension of the running backs is a moot point. I feel like Chubb isn’t your typical running back and he’s such an integral part of our offense. What do you think of the timeliness and amount of Chubb’s extension? – area code 304

Hi, 304: The Browns understand how valuable Chubb is to the team and the community, and they will do whatever they can to extend him this offseason or early in the season. It’s not the analytical way to pay off huge second contracts to running backs, but Chubb transcends the position in some ways. He’s one of the best pure runners in the NFL, and a backstroke of his caliber is hard to come by. I believe the Browns will come up with a creative offering that will include performance-based incentives and be win-win. It helps that Chubb doesn’t want to leave Cleveland.

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