Who are the Vikings likely to turn to if they replace their cousins?

Last night I had a nightmare that Andy Dalton was the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. How was Kirk Cousins ​​moved? We do not care. But it got me thinking: With all the potential QBs on the market this offseason, how likely is one of them to end up taking Cousins’ place if the new front office leaves?

There are more options than I initially imagined.

In my nightmare, Dalton was QB1 on ESPN.com’s Vikings depth chart. Was I trying to be convinced that there will be a QB bridge coming to town? Or is Dalton just my paralyzing sleep demon? Either way, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah could move Cousins ​​in one of his first big moves as GM.

Here are all the eligible quarterbacks, whether they’re likely looking for a change of scenery in Minnesota or have nothing to do in town.

I could see it happening

Let’s start in the realm of the possible. Who are the QBs rumored to be leaving their current teams? Would they fit the Vikings?

It’s a tricky question, but some players immediately come to mind. I buy the theory that Adofo-Mensah knows how much the Cleveland Browns value cousins. Whether it was a lot or not, I could see the Browns go from Mayfield Baker and try to win now with Cousins.

Before shooting the messenger, Mayfield would likely be nothing more than a bridge quarterback with this year’s weak QB draft class. The Vikings should get a pretty good pick in return to sign a franchise quarterback in two years. Consider how decent Mayfield can be with weapons. It could be close to a lateral move given the Vikings’ record over the past two seasons.

If the Vikings only trade cousins ​​for assets, that limits their options to most QB free agents. That’s where I could see someone like Jacoby Brisset, James Winston, Teddy Bridgewater, or Dalton. They would only sign a free agent QB if the Vikings are determined to rebuild or see potential in it. Kellen Mond is entering its second season.

Some budget trading options would be marginal newbies like Gardner Minshew, Marcus MariotaWhere Trace McSorley. Again, these are probably bridge QBs, but they also have starting experience. This route is boring, but these are some of the more realistic options for cousinless Vikings.

Possible but doubt it

It is whispered that Deshaun Watson would waive his no-trade clause to go to Minnesota, but would the Wilfs take him? I definitely wouldn’t, especially since there are still civil lawsuits pending. Sure, he’s incredibly talented, but I believe the Wilfs are determined to keep players with good character in the dressing room. I say it’s an easy pass, but the rumors keep coming.

Watson isn’t the only elite QB wanting a change of scenery. Russell Wilson is rumor wants to test free agency this year. So why not the Vikings? I’d say it’s not a go-to destination for Ciara. But Wilson spent time in Wisconsin in college, so he’s no stranger to the cold.

If the Vikings pay up and find a place for Cousins, whether it’s in Seattle or not, I could see that’s a possibility. But like many other late-career QBs, Wilson may not want to deal with a mini-rebuild. And that’s probably what the Vikings are up against with their ceiling situation.

Honorable mentions in this group are Mond and a rookie to be announced. I just don’t see him right now, especially considering the front office that drafted Mond and Zimmer didn’t even want to see him play. That could change with a new coach, but Mond is a back-up for now.

There’s not much about this draft class that would lead me to believe the Vikings will swing big enough to draft a starting QB. But every year there are surprises, so who knows? Maybe Adofo-Mensah’s analyzes will find the next Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow.

WTF are you talking about that?

There are many ways to describe Aaron Rodgers: brother surfer, anti-vaxxer, silenced. But future Viking? Surely not.

Well, maybe.

My point is, he could very well leave the Green Bay Packers shortly after a disappointing playoff run. So why wouldn’t he follow Brett Favre’s path and become a QB who wears Wrangler jeans and Crocs?

It doesn’t happen. But what about a QB coming to Minnesota because his team wants cousins? It would be a first. What if Kyle Shanahan still wanted his man from his time in Washington and was pushing for a cousin swap? Could the Vikings have a bridge year with Jimmy Garoppolo?

I don’t think I’d like that move, but if it makes room for more signings and the Vikings stay a bit competitive for a year until their real future QB ends up there, then I can take care of it. And again, Cousins ​​could attract assets with the height of its perceived value to the right buyer.

Two final honorable mentions are Tua Tagovailoa and Derek Carr. Would I like either? May be. Tagovailoa has potential, and I think Carr can be good in the right place. Either way, a trade would be necessary, and why on earth would the team leave Cousins ​​for them?

But that’s why this category exists. Anything is possible, so why not have fun thinking about it?

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