WrestleMania 38 defeats Super Bowl LVI: Twitter reacts to WWE Wrestlemania 38 defeating Super Bowl as the biggest event of the year

WWE released an appreciation tweet thanking WWE fans as Wrestlemania 38 defeats Super Bowl LVI in Social Media Metrics.

The latest stats released showed WrestleMania 38 beating Super Bowl LVI in impressions, video views, video watch time, and engagements.

WrestleMania 38 was a resounding success for WWE in terms of social media metrics. New data released after the mega-event made it clear that this year’s Immortals showcase was bigger. superbowl.

WWE’s WrestleMania 38 Beats Super Bowl LVI In Social Media And Breaks Records

WrestleMania 38 took place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. WWE’s annual event broke its previous attendance and revenue records, with more than 156,000 fans attending the show over the two nights.

Here is a detailed view of the social media metrics for WWE’s Wrestlemania 38:

  • According to analytics, WWE’s two-night mega-event drew a combined 2.2 billion impressions across all social platforms, while the last Super Bowl event could only generate 1.8 billion impressions.
  • As for video views, WWE got 1.1 billion video views while the Super Bowl received 618 million video views.
  • Likewise, WWE also surpassed the Super Bowl in number of videos. WWE got a mammoth video watch time (13.1 million hours) compared to the Super Bowl’s 3.56 million hours.
  • Even engagements for the WWE mega-event were 87 million as the Super Bowl fell behind nearly 10 million engagements with 78 million engagements for the event.

WWE took to Twitter to share the details and thank the WWE Universe for making Wrestlemania 38 a successful event.

Two Wrestlemania 38 events that had the highest engagement posts

The two particular moments from Wrestlemania 38 that resulted in the most engagement posts were the return of The American Nightmare. Cody Rhodes and Pat McAfeeConsecutive matches.

The return of Cody Rhodes generated around 500,000 engagements, while Pat McAfee’s back-to-back matches with Austin Theory and WWE owner Vince McMahon broke the record of 450,000 engagements.

Wrestlemania 38 also broke Wrestlemania 37 social media records

WWE also ratified that Wrestlemania 38 surpassed Wrestlemania 37 in terms of social media records.

  • Wrestlemania 38 got a record 1.1 billion views on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap, TikTok and Twitter. The number is up 47% from WrestleMania 37.
  • Additionally, this year’s mega-event also saw 785 million minutes (13 million hours) of video consumption on social media. This number is also up 29% from WrestleMania 37.
  • With 10% more impressions than Wrestlemania last year, this year’s Wrestlemania achieved 2.2 billion impressions.

WWE had left no stone unturned in building Wrestlemania 38, and the efforts paid off. This year’s show of shows crushed the Super Bowl in terms of social media metrics.

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